All roads lead… to tattooing!
And: „Rome wasn’t build in a day"!

So first, my roads led me to Klagenfurt: 5 years federal higher technical institute for electronics, matriculation.
Then my first experiences in working life: 3 years programming & webdesign.
Finally, in 2009, i followed my „inner navigation system",access road to Salzburg: i got to be the tattoo-apprentice at Triple X Tattoo.

And here I am – finally able to do what i love & be creative!

I’m constantly trying to push myself and I’m always looking forward to new creative challenges.

At the moment I'm 'on the road', working in different studios in several countries - it's a lot of fun great to gather new impressions & inspiration, gain experiences and get to know a lot of awesome people! I'll constantly post dates when you can find me where on Facebook, Instagram and of course here

It'd be great to get to know you too on one of my stops!